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Painted Portraits of Engagements, Weddings, & Family
by Heidi Coutu

Allow me!

Simply stated, this is the proposition: I want to use my talent to capture iconic moments, interesting people,  and the ties that bind couples and families.  After years of being a traditional artist, I have found the passion for this next phase of my career, and I am excited to work with you.  I am not a performance artist who paints at weddings.  I am a serious portrait painter, who has decided to use my years of expertise to make real art accessible and enjoyed by a wider audience. I will paint from one of your treasured photos, and create a high-quality painting that is sure to become a beloved family heirloom. My corporate portraits which require several sittings are, frankly, much more of a financial commitment but with my Life:iconic Studio concept, I have collapsed the entire process to provide my clients with a portrait that is unrivaled for the investment.

I will cherish this forever…

How to commission your personal portrait

1.  Schedule your consultation with Heidi.
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2. Have a consultation with Heidi.

3. Pay Invoice.

4. Look for an email of a photo for approval when the painting is complete.

5. Open your package and enjoy your beautiful heirloom!

Pleased to meet you!

Heidi Coutu has been a working artist since 1984; her art has been collected by individuals and corporations throughout the US and abroad. With seven one-woman shows and two museum solo exhibitions, she has been featured in Architectural Digest, Art and Antiques, and Veranda Magazines, and on the PBS series, By Their Own Hands. She is represented by Powers Gallery, Acton, MA.

Heidi has taught advanced painting at the Springfield Museum of Fine Art, La Casa des Artistes, Mexico, and recently, in Cortona, Italy. With a degree in Fine Art from Mount Holyoke College, Heidi resided at Yale University as a resident fellow at Timothy Dwight College for five years,