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An exceptional art experience.

Our pursuit at Life:iconic Studio is to provide couples with one of the most unique and oldest ways to commemorate one of the most significant milestones in their lives: A HAND PAINTED PORTRAIT.

Couples spend thousands of dollars for their photographer, and once a wedding is over what happens to these photos?  They live on their computers, in photo albums or coffee table books, and are rarely seen.  We offer a new solution for showcasing this photography investment that will be enjoyed every day, seen by everyone entering their home, and passed on as a family heirloom.

Beyond the portrait: the vision

As a professional artist, people often turn to me to capture important milestones on canvas.  I’ve realized that people want a unique way to capture their memories that they can display.  These can include children, homes, family celebrations, and even beloved pets.  Also, friends and families want one-of-a-kind gifts that express their love.

Because of my experience painting formal portraits for Yale and private clients, I understand that the prices that these traditional paintings typically command is not always feasible.  However, by using a cherished photo in place of multiple sittings, travel, and in-person time, the price of hand painted art becomes accessible indeed.

It is my vision that my clients savor the joy of owning, enjoying, and passing on a painting that commemorates the most iconic moments in their life.  This is the true mission of Life:iconic Studio.

Heidi Coutu

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