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Greetings friends,

During this troubling time, most peoples’ lives have been upended. With social distancing now the norm for the foreseeable future, many of us feel anxious, and isolated, especially those that have been forced to stay indoors due to age or underlying health issues. In addition, our health care workers and first responders are sacrificing so much serving on the front lines. I tried to think of something that I can contribute that would be uplifting. What can an artist offer at a time like this? Their art.

So every week, I am going to post one of my images in several size formats (computer wallpaper, pdf for printing, iphone wallpaper). I want you to feel free to print, upload as a screensaver, or anything that might be a positive image in your world. Most of these will be floral images and for some, it might serve as a window to nature that may be lacking right now. Go ahead and share these with your friends, loved ones, or anyone that you might think would enjoy them.

I only ask that you don’t forget about artists, authors, bookstores, galleries, and performers at this time. We are all self-employed and have no safety net. Now is the time to be a patron.

We are in this together. Stay home. Stay safe.

Heidi Coutu