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Our wedding portrait just arrived and we are absolutely thrilled! My wife and I chose to be married on Labor Day Weekend in Boston. The forecast called for gorgeous weather all weekend— except on our wedding day. The silver lining was that we had the Boston Public Garden completely to ourselves— aside from a few tourists who our limo driver shooed away with our umbrellas! I’ll never forget standing in that storied park in the rain, alone with my beautiful bride. Heidi did an absolutely incredible job of recreating this special moment for us. Thank you, Heidi! We will have your beautiful art hanging on our wall for the rest of our lives.

—Kyle and Lara

Our mom/mother-in-law surprised us with this beautiful piece of art as an anniversary present. Although we love our wedding photos, there is something about a painting, from the light to the texture, that makes a scene look new, and this portrait captured the emotion of the moment. We look forward to enjoying it for years to come.
–David and Elizabeth
When I first saw our painting, I was truly blown away! I was immediately brought back to that very moment, one of my favorites from our wedding. We are thrilled to have such a beautiful piece of art that also reminds us of one of the best days of our lives. Heidi’s talent is unrivaled!

—Taylor and Charlie

While wedding planning, I knew picking out a fantastic photographer was a huge priority for me, enough for me to blow my budget. The photographs from our wedding day would be one of the main physical mementos that we could hang on to, take out to reminisce, or show our future children; but apart from those moments they would remain in a book or as digital files on my computer. This was when my mom, best friend, and maid of honor, Heidi and I came up with the idea of creating a painting based on one of my favorite photos and capturing a special moment of the day that I could publicly hang on my wall to be a constant reminder. By using one of our engagement photographs as an inspiration, she brought Matt and me to life through paint.

—Alexandra and Matthew

Our painting by Heidi reminds us of all the joy that filled our wedding day. It truly was one of the best days of our lives. We will hang this beautiful piece of art in our home and cherish it forever!

—Ashley and Deryk

I can’t begin to tell you how much this portrait means to both my husband Ted and me. Heidi captured our first dance at our wedding in this painting in a way that brings me right back to that magical, joyful moment. Her expert level of artistry and skill are unparalleled. Heidi is the best of the best. The way she captured us in the movement in our first dance, the expressions of our guests cheering us on around us, the glow of the lighting in the ballroom, the enchanted feeling of the celebration, takes my breath away every time I look at this painting! I highly recommend Heidi and Lifeiconic Studio to capture your favorite wedding moment in a beautiful painting that you and your partner can cherish forever and pass down as a family heirloom. I think this would also make an amazing gift for a parent to give to their newlywed son or daughter.

—Lauren and Theodore

It is Heidi, the founder of Life:iconic studio.  Just like the rest of my clients, I had this photo of my husband and me from our wedding at Yale University back in 2008.  We had a black and white photo in a wall grouping that was diminutive, to say the least.  Now we can recall the gorgeous day, our beloved golden Jake, who is no longer with us, my blue silk dress, and most of all, our happiness on the day that we chose to spend the rest of our life together. It deserved more prominence than a small B&W.

—Heidi and John

Heidi did such an amazing job capturing our wedding day with her painting. We worked together to pick the photograph that would work best as a painting, and she truly delivered. I have had so many people ask me where I got our painting including a professional photographer who was just amazed and how well she captured the photo and the moment. Our painting is hanging up in our living room where we see it every day. It’s truly our favorite memento from our wedding!
—Deniz and Mike

I learned about Heidi and her paintings of photographs through a friend of a friend. I immediately fell in love with the idea of capturing Brian and my wedding day in such a unique and personal way. This was my second wedding, and I have personally witnessed the lifeline of wedding photographs—from anxiously waiting on their arrival into your inbox, to being downloaded to a USB, to being uploaded onto social media, and then to be forgotten about. Countless friends of mine have their wedding photos either stashed somewhere on the cloud, or stuffed in a wedding album that never gets opened. That’s why what Heidi does is so special. She creates a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of art that you can display in your home. It won’t be forgotten about like many wedding photos are, and it will always be a great conversation piece with guests!

When I started working with Heidi, I was hopeful, anxious, and excited. Heidi overdelivered in every way imaginable. Besides her warm personality, she truly is a professional and treated the entire journey as such. She gave advice on the process, solicited my feedback to ensure my expectations were met, and worked with me to ensure the final product was just perfect. I absolutely adore my wedding painting and look forward to other big milestones in Brian and my life so we can ask Heidi to create another masterpiece!


“My husband and I are absolutely in love with our painting! It wasn’t something we initially planned on doing but are very glad that we did. I can’t tell you how many compliments we get from guests, it’s such a beautifully unique piece of art. We would love to work with Heidi again in the future!”

                                                                                                                                                                                –Dana and Dan

Working with Heidi from Iconic Life Studios was a dream come true! After the magic of my wedding day was over, I knew I wanted something very personal and special as a keepsake from the best day of our lives. Having her painting hanging in my house is just that. My husband and I were blown away by the detail and quality of her artwork. Heidi communicated with us every step of the way. She was very easy to work with and we were both able to openly discuss the expectations, as well as the timeline. It was also helpful to receive pictures of the painting ahead of time before the product was finalized. Now, every single time I glance at the wall in my living room, I will always smile

 –Perissa and Jake